Grih Pravesh Puja


Grih Pravesh Puja is one of the important rituals that need to be done before entering a new house. Once the place where the house is to be built is bought a particular puja is done such that all the obstacles would be cleared. EdisonHindu Temple is one of the best service providers in Edison, New Jersey for conducting such ceremonies. We make sure all the rituals are performed and the hymns and Vedic chants help in spreading positive vibrations which can eliminate evil forces. The Puja plays a major role when a new house is built and would be a great occasion to spread happiness to all the family members. Grih Pravesh Puja can include Ganesh Homam and various steps, where spiritual offerings are made to Lord Ganesh and other deities. The offerings are made through fire to eliminate obstacles in the process and for people who live there. Grih Pravesh Puja is done for a newly built house or a renovated house. Sometimes people may be shifting to another place, which they would be reoccupying. In such cases also, Grih Pravesh Puja is needed and we ensure that the puja is performed without any kind of hurdles for sure.