Positive Aspects of Graha Shanti Puja

Various people conduct Graha Shanti Puja but would not know the importance and positive aspects of the same. The main goal of conducting the puja is to reduce the negative effects of the planet that can be malefic. The positive aspects and energy levels of the family can be enhanced as the effects of Navgrahas are balanced. It has a huge impact on a person’s life, career and health as an imbalance can largely affect the major aspects of life.

People undergoing or having severe Sadesati or any kind of doshas are recommended to perform the puja. Therefore we always suggest people who come to us to perform Graha Shanti Puja in order to remove the doshas which can improve happiness and enhances peace in life.

Once the ritual is performed, it can help in driving away from the negative energies of the person and purifies the surroundings with positive vibes. Thereby the family can be bestowed with peace and purity. It can also prevent unfortunate events from occurring and would protect the family from evil eyes. A certain point would come where a person would come to know that things which are planned are going wrong. It would be fortunate if they consult an astrologer and do require efforts to set things in the right manner.

Our astrologers and pundits are well versed in Vedas and rituals. They can do a detailed study of the horoscope and would suggest a remedy for the same. A muhurat would be fixed or on a special day, the puja is performed. The muhurat would again be based on the position of different planets in horoscope.

There are various materials and things which are needed for conducting Graha Shanti Puja. The manner in which the ritual should be performed is stringent and would be done accordingly. There are no shortcuts and the materials needed would be arranged if it is difficult for a person to procure.

It is essential for the astrologer to understand which Graha is affecting the person to perform Graha Shanti Puja effectively. In a few cases, they would even be suggested to worship the specific god or Graha that is an unfavorable position in the horoscope. It is always preferable and the pundit would advise keeping fast from dawn to dust on the specific day when the puja is performed.

The puja is initiated and performed by the priest and the Sankalp is taken by the head of the family. He would be offering fruits, flowers and various things as suggested by the priest. All other members would chant mantras and recite their names accordingly. Specifically, the person would perform the Havan and is asked to chant Navgraha Mantra while the Puja is performed.

Once the Graha Shanti Puja is performed successfully, the person is asked to donate food and clothes. The prasad which is offered to deity is distributed to all the members. The materials used in the process is dug in a pit and covered such that nobody can stamp on it.

These are some details regarding the process, importance and positive aspects of Graha Shanti Puja.